1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Will this work for Brick and Mortar Businesses?

Here's what we believe about how The Membership Experience course best fits if you have a Brick and Mortar Business.

The exciting answer is a big  YES!  Now more than ever, Brick and Mortar businesses are not only looking for membership program options to serve, but the delivery of virtual service has become imperative to a business ability to pivot and survive in these quickly shifting times.  

From dance classes and karate lessons to home delivery of fresh produce, the membership model is rapidly becoming the differentiating factor between businesses that keep their doors open and those that struggle.  

Membership models simply make sense for your business and your clients.  

Here’s a real live example of one of our amazing students who had to shift their Brick and Mortar business to the membership model to help pivot their offerings to accommodate social distancing during Covid 19 quarantining:  

Beth had to close her brick and mortar pet salons because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her business had $0 coming in… She did a Facebook Live to 750 followers on how to keep their dogs looking good during this time and PIVOTED to sell pre-paid appointments through offering priority booking to her members. And guess what… In 48 hours… She sold 75 appointments to 50 recurring clients… AND… She’s had over 1,000 clients to reach out for more information since.   She made $7,365 INSTANTLY…  And with her recurring income potential she’s built more than $88K of annual security in her business! 

Now do you see the value of pivoting your business to the membership model?   You get the benefit of consistent recurring income in your business, and your clients get the benefit of continuing to enjoy all the products and services that you offer that improve their business practices.  

Can you serve your team and clients on a monthly basis?  Then you can turn it into a membership.  

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