Will the membership work for B to B businesses?

In this article, learn if the membership model will work for Business for other Business offerings.

Now more than ever, people who serve Business to Business are not only looking for membership program options to serve, but the delivery of virtual service has become imperative to their ability to pivot and survive in these quickly shifting times.

From software as a service to coaching and training programs, the membership model is rapidly becoming the differentiating factor between businesses that keep their doors open and those that struggle especially as more and more businesses are creating options for their employees to work from home.

Membership models simply make sense for your business and your client’s businesses. You get the benefit of consistent recurring income in your business and your clients get the benefit of continuing to enjoy all the products and services that you offer that improve their business practices.

In fact, our very own student Aarin Chung built an amazing membership supporting Real Estate Agents by teaching them how to generate leads online. Since she joined us in 2018 her business has grown from $0.00 to $100k per month in recurring revenue. 

So… what can your business offer in a membership to serve other businesses?

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