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Why am I making monthly payments for The Membership Experience?

The The Membership Experience is a Course.  Here’s how Stu likes to explain the difference. A course like the The Membership Experience, is a mastery based course that goes deep on a topic over a fixed period of time.  

For example this year’s delivery of the The Membership Experience course took place between May and July.  

A membership like TME Plus Membership serves to provide ongoing support to a group of members.  These members generally have a base level of understanding or who have gone through a common experience (like you have with The Membership Experience).  

The TME Plus Membership serves those who want to continue to connect with Stu, The TME Team AND most importantly your fellow TMEmates while we move forward and start to take action on what we learned in the course.   

You have everything you need in the course, but if you want to go farther faster, you must agree by now that we’re better together!  

We do offer a monthly payment option for the purchase of the course to make it easier for people who really could benefit from what TME had to offer but needed a different payment option due to the stressful financial realities so many have faced this year.  

That said, it is a fixed payment plan for the Course.  TME Plus Membership is a monthly membership with ongoing monthly fees.

If you have any questions regarding your remaining payments for your course please let us know.  


Got more questions about TME Plus Membership?  We've got your answers!  Email us at help@membership.site.