What to do when the payment failed?

Learn the steps to take when your purchase attempt failed or when your bank is declining the charge.

One reason your payment is not going through could be because your financial institution is blocking the charge.

This happens from time to time as your bank works to protect you.

They have filters set that prevent unusual purchases from being made specifically online.

It’s an easy fix though.

All you need to do is call your bank and let them know that you approve the charge from North Results in Canada.

North Results is our parent company and the name of the company who’s charge will display on your statement. The Membership Experience Course (formerly The TRIBE Experience Course), is a product owned by North Results Inc.

Once you contact them, your financial institution will remove the block for you and then you should be able to process your payment completely.

If you have any further issues all you need to do is email help@membereship.site and we’ll connect you with our amazing billing department so they can work with you to get this processed on your behalf.


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