What is the difference between "Plan It Build It" vs "The Membership Experience?

Find out the difference between the Plan It Build It and The Membership Experience.

What makes Plan It Build It different from The Membership Experience? 


The Plan It Build It program does share some of the principals Stu teaches in TME. The reality is… the fundamentals are the fundamentals. 


Plan It Build It is an on-demand starter course, helping you to figure out and start creating your digital product - course, membership or coaching program - and then building it in Searchie.  The course’s ultimate goal is to move you across the finish line in getting your digital product up and ready to go using Searchie.


It’s broken down into two actionable phases — Plan It and Build It — to help you get your online course, membership, or coaching program up and running in just a few days, while uplevelling the experience for your clients and customers.


As big-hearted entrepreneurs, we have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world – and it’s the reason that Stu and his team are so passionate about this work. This is the reason why he created The Membership Experience™. 

TME (or The Membership Experience) is Stu McLaren’s signature, cohort-based training and implementation program all about launching, growing and scaling your membership. It is a six-module training program that gives you the clarity, confidence, actionable tools and resources to launch, grow, and scale a high 6, 7, and even 8-figure membership site... even if you’re starting from scratch. 


The six modules are Audience, Membership, Content, Launch, Community and Retention. There is live support throughout the program from Stu and his team through the live implementation sessions, breakout and office hours. 


While Stu does encourage students to use Searchie to power their memberships, what you learn in TME is platform agnostic — it could be applied regardless of which platform you use.


If you’re ready to learn more about The Membership Experience Course (formerly The TRIBE Experience), your first step would be to join us for Stu’s Free Membership Workshop Series.
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If you have any other questions you can contact our team directly at help@membership.site or the Searchie Team at help@searchie.io.