What is Kajabi Vs. Searchie?

The article below differentiates Searchie from Kajabi.

The existing list of Membership site platforms all do basically the same thing. They lay out membership content in a linear one size fits all experience.

It is all very organized.

So how can Kajabi compare to Searchie? The answer is they don't.

Searchie is something different. Searchie is hyper focused on content delivery. With Searchie, your site content unlocks meaning. It’s designed to help your people learn better, faster and make more progress with what you're teaching.

Think of your site experience like a textbook to learn from. You highlight, fold corners of pages, add sticky notes so you can go back to important things and search the index for important keywords for topics you want to go deeper on.

You search for similar resources that might have different perspectives etc.

Searchie is all of those tools wrapped into one. 

With Searchie, you can tag information, make it searchable, provide it in different formats i.e., transcripts just by virtue of adding it to your account. You can search for more information on a specific topic for a deeper understanding, share links to specific answers otherwise hidden in your recorded content and so much more.

So from a member's perspective, it’s a no brainer.

But for you, from a creators perspective, using Searchie Analytics, you get to unlock the map of what people are searching for so you can understand where they’re hyper focused on and create more content to support their searches and get a road map for building dynamic content you know they’ll consume. 

The two experiences are just not the same thing. It’s like Cable TV Vs. Netflix. They both produce something to watch on the TV but in terms of the experience of the content, they are hard to compare. 

Once you’ve set up your integrations with your existing accounts like Facebook where you’re creating live video content, Searchie goes to work, saving and Searchifying your video and audio content without the second step of re-uploading to another platform.

So, even if you take a LIVE down from Facebook because it’s part of a limited offer you did during a launch for example, Searchie’s got you covered.  It will keep a Searchiefied copy you can utilize, repurpose and unlock later. 

Your people will make progress with your Searchie Powered Membership Hub. And you know, if your people are making more progress. You have less refunds and people will stay a lot longer in your membership.

The bottom line is one of the biggest pain points of delivering a membership is the “technical aspect” of setting it up and Searchie is a fast and easy way to manage and deliver your membership content so that your members consume more and you work less.

Instead of creating a membership course the “old” way with just modules and lessons, Searchie allows you to create a learning experience that is tailored for each member.

Kajabi does have email and marketing functions that Searchie doesn't, but there are so many amazing alternatives for this. Go to searchie.io to learn more today.

If you have any further questions about Searchie you can connect to the Searchie Team directly by emailing help@searchie.io.

To connect with the TME Team  you can email help@membership.site.