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What if I don’t have an Audience or membership started yet? Is TME Plus Membership right for me?

If you’re serious about building an audience to serve and starting a membership, TME Plus Membership is the perfect place for you to be.


Here’s what we know for sure. Stu’s said for years now. And he’s right… We’re better together.


Have you ever heard the term that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with? Well.. If you want to build and scale a profitable membership, surrounding yourself with like minded people who are aiming for a similar goal is one of the most powerful ways to get started and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.


Here’s what we know… Your best opportunity to meet your future referral partners and stay on the cutting edge of what’s really working (and what isn’t working) in memberships is to surround yourself with people who are doing just that.


TME Plus Membership is the best way to stay in the conversation. Keep up your motivation and start to move forward to your success. Ultimately, it’s up to you.


But if you’re on the fence, I’d encourage you to give it a shot. Here's something to keep in mind... We have a cancellation policy for monthly subscribers and a 14 day money back guarantee for yearly subscribers.

Check out the cancellation article for more details.


Here’s what I’d encourage you to consider. If you wait… Where will your membership be next year? Remember, it’s much easier to steer a moving car than a parked one.  We hope you’ll join us.


But please know if you decide not to, or it’s not the right time for you, you have everything you need in the The Membership Experience Course to get yourself going.


Got more questions? We've got your answers! Email us at help@membership.site.