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What if I can't afford TME Plus Membership?

We know that the investment in TME Membership isn’t an amount that can be taken lightly. We want you to know, you have everything you need to get yourself going by leaning into the lessons in the The Membership Experience Course.


Especially this year when so many things have become financially challenging for so many people, here’s how I would like to encourage you to think of this investment and perhaps this will help make your decision a little more clear.


If the investment in The Membership Experience is a stretch but not a struggle… We want to encourage you to join us. 


Making a change and a long term commitment to yourself can be uncomfortable, but doing what you’ve always done is only going to keep you where you are now. Discomfort can be the catalyst for change that you, and your business needs to build stability. If it’s a matter of minor discomfort, I want to encourage you to consider taking the leap.


That said, we never want our students to put themselves or their family at risk. If the decision to join TME Plus Membership would prevent you from keeping up with your financial responsibilities to your family, or if it would put you at risk in any way, please don’t join this year.


We promise, TME Plus Membership will open again.


The best thing for you to do is to lean in to the resources you have in the TME Plus Experience and Keep Moving Forward! Ultimately, only you know what’s best for you and for your future. Trust your gut and please know, we stand behind whatever decision you make 100%.


Got more questions about TME Plus Membership? We've got your answers! Email us at help@membership.site