What happened to the other previously offered products?

Check out in the changes for The TRIBE Experience, TRIBE Connect, TRIBE Plus and other previously offered products.

The TRIBE Experience is now changed to The Membership Experience. You can find out all about it by checking out this article here.

TRIBE Connect and TRIBE Plus are programs Stu and our team offered in the past. These were high level one year memberships that helped many people continue to scale their businesses. Over the years as we’ve welcomed new students to join us, we’ve recognized that the needs of our students have changed.

To ensure we’re delivering the best possible service that meets the needs of our students, we’ve reworked and refocused our programs to serve where our students need us. We’ve taken the best of our previous programs and moved their practice delivery forward only if and when it’s in the best interest of our members. As such we’ve chosen to sunset the TRIBE Connect and TRIBE Plus programs. 

We now offer an incredible Membership which is perfectly aligned to support students of “The Membership Experience” (formerly The TRIBE Experience).

And for students who are in the later stages of their business, we offer an incredible Mastermind which is best suited to support those with established sites.

We’ll be sharing all about how to join the Membership later this year.

Please note, this membership will only be offered and or available to students of “The Membership Experience” from this year, who’ve either joined us for the first course season in their business or who have returned as an upgrading Alumni Student.  

If you have any other questions, you can email our team at help@membership.site.