1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Membership Super Starter Pack

The goal of the Membership Super Starter Pack™ is to show you how to:

  1. Import your content to Searchie

  2. Select and configure a Hub template for your membership site

  3. Share your Hub with your members

You’ll come out of this training with a membership site. Let's get you launched today! 🚀

Step 1 - Sign into your Searchie account

Start unlocking the power of Searchie by signing into your Searchie account! Head to app.searchie.io to sign into your Searchie account.

If you need help activating your 3 months of Searchie Pro credit, reach out to us here at help@searchie.io.

Step 2 - Connect your media applications

Head to the Apps tab in your Searchie account to connect your media applications. This will bring in existing videos and audio files from sources like Dropbox, Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube and more in a couple easy clicks. You can even create your own content using the Searchie Chrome Extension right inside of your browser! 

Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 11.53.05

Step 3 - Import your video and audio content

Head to the Library tab in your Searchie account to select what files you'd like to import. Click the blue Import button next to the specific videos and audio files you'd like to process into your Searchie account. You can click on each file to edit its thumbnail, descriptions, attachments and transcript!Organize Your Content

Step 4 - Select your Hub template

Head to the Hubs tab in your Searchie account and See All Templates. From here, you can browse through and preview the Searchie Template Library.

Pick a Hub template and load it into your Searchie account. Once you select your Hub template, you'll be able to customize your site to reflect your branding and colours.

Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 12.00.22

Step 5 - Customize your Hub

From your Hubs tab, click Customize next to your Hub's name to access the Hub Editor. This is where you'll be able to add content and customize how your live membership site looks.

Starting at the top, go through each Hub section to make any adjustments to the content and styling of your Hub. Use the Settings ⚙️ button to make changes to your site and the Styling 🖌 button to make changes to each element's appearance.

Use the Canva Graphic Assets Collection to create your own Hub graphics and buttons for your Hub.

Frame 1 (1)

Step 6 - Add your content to your Hub

Inside your Playlist section, click Select Playlist to create and add content to your Hub.

If you have more Playlists, you can also create more Sections to hold your content.
Frame 2

Step 7 - Invite your audience

There are many different ways to add people into your Hub. We recommend keeping it simple by adding your members' emails inside of Searchie Audiences.

Manually adding audience profiles is the fastest way to create test accounts or add people to your Hub individually.

Head into the Audiences tab of your Searchie account to create an audience profile. Add your member's name and email then select your Hub from the list in the Access menu and be sure to send them a welcome email to let them know they're in.

Check out this help article to learn about all the different ways that you can grant your audience access to your Searchie Hub.

Step 8 - Celebrate!

Give yourself a round of applause! 👏

Congratulations! You've created your very own live membership site! It's time to celebrate your launch and all of your hard work.


BONUS: Do you want a free month of WisdomAI? 👀 

Consider it done! Submit a screenshot of your membership Hub here! 


Step 8 - Keep building with Searchie

Check out our Help Center to keep exploring what you can build with Searchie. 🚀

You can also use this opportunity to use our Email and Copy templates and Simple Onboarding Toolkit to personalize your audience’s onboarding experience. ✨