Is Stu going to sell something?

Learn what is being offered along with the free workshop.

Well friend, just so you know... our free workshop is simply that. A FREE workshop. We are not offering this Free Workshop so we can sell something to you.


We start April 20, 2023 and Stu will be delivering some of his amazing insights.  The elements Stu is sharing are more than enough to help you get a membership going.  


But you’re right…  We will be making an offer.  


Stu will be opening the doors to his amazing program The Membership Experience, after the workshop is wrapped up.  

And guess what? We’re 100% excited and 1000% comfortable making The Membership Experience 2023 course available to anyone it’s right for.  Why?   Because we have hundreds of stories of our members who have had success by using what they've learned in The Membership.  


What's really amazing is the content Stu shares in the FREE workshop is more than enough to get you started in the right direction.  As of writing, several students have reported in the FREE Facebook Group that they're having amazing breakthroughs with what Stu’s shared so far!  It really all comes down to perspective.  


If what we're sharing can help people on this scale, wouldn't it be a disservice to keep it to ourselves?  We totally understand that no one likes to be “Sold to.” I hope you'll stick with us through the rest of the Free workshop though and soak up all we’re offering even if you decide not to join us for The Membership 


We do have an offer… but there’s a whole lot of FREE Value you can soak up and run with either way.  Make sure to register for The Membership Workshop and keep up with the sessions to keep your ideas moving forward!  


We’re getting started April 20, 2023.  Register now!

For more questions and additional information, you can email our support team any time at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!