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How should I prepare for TME Live Virtual?

Here's what to do to make sure you are event-ready for TME Live as a virtual attendee.

Virtual Tech Check

Your best experience will be via computer. While we all love the convenience of our cell phones, the functionality of zoom might not be as robust and enjoyable as you would have on your computer.

Because The Live Experience only comes around once per year, we want to make sure you have the most fun and impactful experience possible.

If you know how to use zoom, you're all set but just in case, we've outlined below a few features for you to be aware of so you can come prepared, relax and participate full steam ahead at The Live Experience (virtual edition) fun.

If you're new to Zoom or want to make sure you've got the latest version ready to roll, just head on over to zoom and download the latest version.

Adding a virtual Zoom background

1. Inside of your Zoom screen, click on the "^" button next to the video icon. Click "Video Settings..."

2. Select the "Background & Filters" menu. Click on the "+" button to upload an image from your computer to save as your background.

Downloading the latest version of Zoom

To download the latest version of Zoom, head to https://zoom.us/download to download Zoom Client for Meetings.

It's always a good idea to make sure your audio and video settings are working properly so you can participate in some of the amazing breakouts we have planned and so Stu and our TME Team can see you showing up and playing full out!

Checking your audio and video settings

  1. Access your Zoom toolbar.
  2. Click on the “^” arrow to the top-right of the microphone icon and/or the camera icon.
  3. Select your preferred audio and video source.


From time to time...  you may need to step away from your computer. It's possible... that you don't want to share a live feed of what you've got goin' on in your home.

This is how you can turn OFF your camera.

Very handy for breaks, interruptions or if you're feeling shy and want some privacy.

For most of the event, we'll ask you to leave your microphone on MUTE. That said you'll want to know how to turn it on so you can speak if/when you're called on and so you can participate in Break Out Sessions with your fellow Attendees :).


Here's how to Turn your audio/video settings on or off. 

Turning your audio and video off/on

  1. Access your Zoom toolbar. 
  2. Click on the microphone icon to unmute and mute yourself.
  3. Click on the camera icon to start and stop your camera.


Here's a fun one... have you ever logged into Zoom and realised that the last person to use your computer changed the display name? 


Here's how you can change your profile name to be 100% you. We will ask that you don't share any links in this field just your name please.


Changing your profile name

  1. Access the three dot menu on the top-right of your Zoom profile box and click “Rename”.
  2. Enter your preferred name and click “Save Changes”.


Want to ask a question or get the attention of the team?


This is how you can raise your hand so our team can see that you're waiting your turn.

Raising your hand

  1. Access the Zoom toolbar.
  2. Click on “Reactions”.
  3. Click “Raise Hand”.

You can also use the fun reactions features to celebrate along with us during the event!

Don't be shy! 


For your best viewing experience, we suggest you select your preferred view settings.

Some people like to see their fellow attendees... helps a virtual event feel more social.

That said, if you want to focus your attention on what's going on in the event you can do that too.


It's all in the view settings you choose!

Adjusting your Zoom view

  1. Access the “View” menu on the top-right of your Zoom window.
  2. Toggle between “Standard”, “Speaker” and “Gallery” views.
  3. In the “Gallery” view, you can adjust the size of the Zoom presentation and Zoom room attendees using the double bar between the two.



Let's not forget zoom chat!

This is where you'll be able to chat with your fellow guests, send a private note to an Ambassador or TME Team member and join in the comments with Stu!

Accessing the Zoom chat

  1. Access the Zoom toolbar.
  2. Click on “Chat” to turn the chat off and on.


As we've alluded to above... The Live Experience is about more than just FUN (don't you worry... there will be tons of that) but it's also about getting to work and moving your membership forward.

At different points over the 3 day event you'll be welcome to join a breakout room with your fellow attendees so you can work through some of the awesome activities we have planned.

Here's how to use the Breakout features as an attendee.

Using the Breakout room 

  1. You will be automatically added to a Zoom breakout room. 
  2. You can click “Ask for Help” if you need assistance.
  3. You can click “Leave Room” if you need to leave the Zoom breakout room.



Just 2 quick things left to mention...


  1. If you lose your connection to zoom and need to come back, all you have to do is navigate back to your event dashboard and click the "Join the Main Event" button and you'll be swooped back to your zoom room and finally...
  2. Have fun!

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Email our support team any time at help@membership.site and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!