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How do I determine my idea could work for a membership?

If you’re wondering if a membership could work for your idea, our bet is…   YES! The key is in focusing on the fundamentals.  


The truth is… Stu’s strategies are universal.   Your job is to do the work.  You have to be the expert on your market.  


Here’s what we can share. It is difficult for us to provide you with individual feedback without knowing more.  More about you. More about your industry. More about where you are on the Success Path ™ to owning a successful membership site.  


However, here's some action you can take to identify if the idea has potential and is worth pursuing further.  Start to research the answers to the following questions:  

Does your market have an ongoing need? If so, that is a good indicator. Is your market trying to master a skill? An example would be someone learning to play a new instrument or learning how to paint. This can be a good indicator. Can you make something that they do on a regular basis more convenient? This could look like a cooking site that delivers recipes, for example. The options are truly endless.   


As with all things in business, there’s lots to think through, but if you’re serious about turning what you already know, love and do into a profitable membership business, hope this helps make things clear.


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