Why is The Membership Experience not a "membership site"?

Find out why The Membership Experience is a course even though we teach people how to build and scale successful memberships.

We bet you’re wondering. Why does Stu teach how to build a membership via a course and not a membership? Trust us, people ask us this question all the time.

We do have a membership for our amazing students once they have completed our Membership Experience course. It’s an amazing way for us to continue to support our students and the community we’ve built up after they’ve gone through The Membership Experience with Stu.

Through Stu’s wisdom, based on his many years in the online learning industry, he has seen that the function of a course is to go deep with your students in a short period of time. You see, in a course like The Membership Experience, we can go really deep with our students on the fundamentals and unique business strategies we share about building and scaling a profitable membership. That said… There's a finite end to this conversation.

In contrast, memberships are great for helping people continue on the path or with an ongoing need. We know our students will still have things they need support with after they join us for The Membership  Experience and that’s exactly why we dive deep in the Course, and offer a back end membership so we can continue to serve. This is, of course, only one of the many iterations for how you can structure your membership.

In your business you can mix and match the strategies to build the stability and structured sales you want.

So, why’s The Membership Experience a course and not a membership? We want to give you everything we’ve got in as short a period of time as possible so you can get things moving forward in your business, no matter where you’re starting from.

But, as you’ll see when you join us, it’s one thing to go deep on a topic, it takes a different approach to support someone in an ongoing manner to execute the actions they need to take on their Success Path ™ with all we’ve shared.

That’s where a membership really wins. Hope this helps make things clear.

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