1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Do I get access to all the modules at once?

Learn if you can fast track through the course.

Can you unlock the modules of the course early? Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can not access the whole course at once. And as a heads up, we’re also not able to fast track you to the marketing modules either.

Here’s the skinny; Stu is a huge HUGE fan of making sure people take their time and dig deep into the fundamentals. And you know what? He’s right. Here’s how we know.

Every year we have students ask us if they can fast track because they feel like they have the fundamentals under control. (This is especially true for those who already have a membership.)

And EVERY YEAR without fail, our students report to us that if we’d let them skip past the hard stuff in the first and second module and let them go straight to the wiz bang flashy stuff.

Like the marketing modules, we’d have done them a great disservice. Why? Because! The biggest breakthroughs start and carry through from the work you do on the fundamentals at the beginning of the course. So says Stu. And so says the success of our Alumni.

I know that’s not the response you were hoping for but trust me, you’ll be glad you put in the time and effort.

The Membership Experience is a season in your business. Many of our students join us each year so they can go back through the exercises and further master the strategies Stu teaches.

We encourage you to trust the process. Join us and really dig into what Stu has to share. That will help you make the biggest impact on your business.

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