1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Can you resend the confirmation email?

Here's what you can do if you did not receive the confirmation email.

You can do a quick search in your email for the following subject line just in case the message was sent but got caught in the dreaded spam filter:

Oh, Yeah - Welcome to The Membership Experience!

from stumclaren@stu.me.

It will include all of the links for your onboarding details. If you find it, just get down with your great self and get busy doin’ that crazy thing you do aka learning.

If it’s not there, send us a quick note at help@membership.site  so the TME Team can look into it further for you.

One more thing, to help keep things moving forward on your behalf (in the event that you can’t find the welcome email), please include any email address you have so we can search our system. Sometimes, specifically, when our students pay with PayPal, it registered with their PayPal associated email address.

Email address will be the data point we need to start looking into this further. Sometimes, people email us from a different address than one associated with their account.

That said, you might want to check your other inboxes (especially if you joined us via PayPal) the email address you intended to register with and the email address you did register with are two different email accounts.

You can email our support team any time at help@membership.site for more information and further assistance.