1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Can I talk to Stu and ask him questions about my membership?

Learn how you can connect with Stu or how to get your questions answered.

As we're sure you will understand, there is only one Stu and so many people who would love to ask for his insight. That being the case, your best opportunity to get your questions answered is to participate in any of the workshop sessions or Q&A’s our team hosts. 

We’ll do our best to get your question to Stu to be answered live.

Please remember, there’s so much good stuff being shared during the workshop that we’re confident that we’ll not only get your questions answered. But by participating, you’ll learn things you hadn’t even thought to ask.

Once the deadline has passed, you will have the opportunity to join when the doors to the course open again next year. So, make sure to secure your spot for The Membership Experience and turn your knowledge, passion, and know-how into reliable, recurring revenue. 

Head to the link to claim your spot! Go to: www.membershipworkshop.com.

While you wait, look out for Stu’s jam-packed juicy membership nuggets.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers! You can email our support team any time at help@membership.site and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!