Can I still start a membership in my business even if I am not techie?

Find out if a membership website is the right fit for you if you're not good at tech.

Starting a business isn’t about being good at everything. It is about knowing what you’re good at and finding solutions and resources to help support you in the things that you’re not as strong in.


There are tons of solutions available to people who aren’t great at tech. In fact, our team has an in house tool that we love!


Here’s a quick demo so you can see why we’re so excited about it.

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It’s the exact system we’re using to deliver the Replay of The Membership Workshop!


Please know that you have options and it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are different platforms you can use to help you set up your website that are designed to support the “non-technical” business owner. You could partner with someone who’s great at tech but isn’t specifically interested in being the face of the company.


It’s never been easier to start a business online. And the truth is how you move forward and how successful you become will be determined not by how flashy your website is but by how creative you can allow yourself to be so that you can find solutions when you come up against the things you don’t know.


It’s not about knowing it all, it’s about finding and relying on resources and people who can help you. That’s why Stu’s workshop series is so incredible for both aspiring and existing membership site owners. He’s sharing what he knows to help you get farther faster. If you’re not great at tech, you just need to solve the problem by being creative enough to look for the solution.


Make sure to register for The Membership Workshop and keep up with the sessions to keep your ideas moving forward!


We’re getting started April 20, 2023.


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