1. The Membership Experience
  2. The Membership Experience

Can I have a copy of the workshop to refer to later?

Find out if or how you can get a copy of The Membership Workshop Series to refer back to later.

We offer this workshop once per year and make it available 100% for FREE but for a short period of time only.  The only people who will have access to the workshop recordings are those who joined us for The Membership Experience.  

Once the doors close, you will have to wait until the doors to the course open again next year. So, don’t miss The Membership Experience this year and build a thriving membership business around what you already know, love, and do.   

Head to the link below, to save your spot!  

Join the waitlist now!

For more questions and additional information, you can email our support team any time at help@membership.site and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!