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Can I add my team to the TME Plus Membership Facebook Group?

The registration for TME Plus Membership includes one member login to the TME Plus Membership Hub and the same member may join us in the members only Facebook group.


Just like the TME Course, access is for one person. This keeps things fair not only for you but for our team as well.


We have amazing TMEmates from all different businesses, from solopreneurship to companies that have hundreds of employees. Our mission is to serve on you to the very best of our ability.  To do that, we have to make sure we “practice what we preach” so to speak and keep the main thing the main thing.


The function of our Membership and the corresponding Facebook Community, is to go further together on all things membership sites.


Your registration for TME Plus Membership unlocks the doors for one member and one member only and that helps us focus on serving you at our highest ability.


People ask often if they can add a business partner or family member.


And as long as they’re a The Membership Experience Student, they can!


The doors to TME Plus Membership are only currently open for Students of our most recent delivery of the TME Plus Experience Course.


We've found that this is the best way to ensure our members are engaged, comfortable and successful.  For that reason, we don't open the doors to those who haven't participated in the most recent version of TME Plus.

So, if your partner is a TMEmate, they can join you. They just have to register separately.


Have you joined yet? If the answers no, what are you waiting for?


Got more questions about TME Plus Membership? We've got your answers! Email us at help@membership.site.