Are there any affiliate bonus offers I can take advantage of as an Alumni?

Check out if you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of any of our affiliate partners bonus packages when you upgrade your course for this year's version of The Membership Experience course as an Alumni.

The Alumni Upgrade offer is an internal launch, meaning we won’t be working with affiliate partners for the upgrade offer for Alumni.


That said…You’ve been through Stu’s program before. You already know we love to over deliver.  And we’ve got some amazing plans for you as we move forward together. Only those paying full price for a new course will have access to the affiliate offers that our partners are delivering.

As an Alumni, you know how big a stickler Stu is on deadlines so please make sure to join us while you still can… or we’ll need to wait and welcome you next year.


If you have more questions or need additional information, you can email our support team any time at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!